It all started in the late 80's, the founder's dream "Zohar late Assad" decided to set up a small factory for the manufacture of fine tahini traditional method, the plant has evolved and grown and today the company's products reach every corner of the globe are supermarkets in the U.S. and Israel and in salads and manufacturers class restaurants first.

The wonderful taste of tahini and excellent service are the result of meticulously adhering to the manager and owner Mrs. Julia shone on every step, from buying raw materials of the finest offered by nature, production processes in the traditional method (14 steps) while maintaining ingredients health benefits of sesame seeds and mix of staff dedicated and meticulous.

Fact: Balarz Mtzlhim for about 20 years produces the best grinding country!!!!

Quality control system includes close supervision of a food technologist examines carefully all to creature and delivery, while conducting tests and controls of food according to the requirements of supervisory bodies in Israel and abroad.

"Grinding Alarz" leading brand and well known leading chefs, restaurateurs and gourmets, sold half leading networks such as free and Ihonnof and supermarkets, delicatessen food stores.

Institutional market products are sold salad plants, restaurants, restaurant chains such as "salads both" Network Ffgio "Great Isaac, hummus right, he Vadons, hummus Imad Nazareth and hundreds of satisfied customers are proof of the quality daily" grind Alarz. "

Recently the company Sima develop more products with a focus on natural and nutritional ingredients such as grinding control in Save the wonderful taste of grinding Alarz and milk in a variety of special reasons.

Among the new flavors Halva with Cocoa, Halva with cookies, Halva with Pistachio Halva with dried fruits and much more ...

Company when pricked beis din of the orthodox community and the Chief Rabbinate of Nazareth